Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Air King BFQ 90 High Performance Bath Fan, 90-CFM

!±8± Air King BFQ 90 High Performance Bath Fan, 90-CFM

Brand : Air King | Rate : | Price : $33.25
Post Date : Jan 25, 2012 07:42:05 | Usually ships in 24 hours

Air King BFQ90 High Performance Exhaust FansThe High Performance Exhaust Fan Series Features an Unique Snap-In Installation System. The Included Bracket Nails or Screws to the Ceiling Joist Allowing the Fan Housing to "Snap-In". Connect the Wiring and the Ducting, Install the Easy Fitting Grill and You are Done. A Bath Fan Installation can Now be Done in Minutes. The Durable High Impact Plastic Housing Ensures Quiet Operation and Maximum Performance. High Performance, Attractive Stylized Grill and Quick Installation Make the High Performance Exhaust Fan Series Right for the Job. UL Listed for Installation over a Tub or Shower on a GFCI Circuit HVI2100 Certified Motors Suitable for Continuous Operation Easily Installs Using the Included Snap-In Mounting System and are Available in Contractor Packs (4 Housings and 4 mbgs) Wire Nuts and Romex Connector are Included CFM (Air Movement): 90 Sones (Sound): 2.5 Exhaust Capacity: 80 - 110 sq. ft. Duct Size: 4" Amps: 0.45

More Specification..!!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why You Should Seriously Consider a Ventless Bathroom Fan

!±8± Why You Should Seriously Consider a Ventless Bathroom Fan

A ventless bathroom fan is the answer to your humidity problem if installing a wall or ceiling ducted model is not a practical option. For example, if you have a bathroom in the basement or if you live in a rental home that does not currently have a fan, why should you have to deal with the odor and the mold that is associated with all of that extra moisture from your shower? It is fair to say that no bathroom should be without some type of fan.


With these types of fans, you do not have to worry about cutting any holes or fitting into walls. Ductless systems require no outside vent and can be installed either on the wall or the ceiling. They feature 12v motors that are traditionally removable so that they can be easily cleaned.

You will also find that installation is a breeze with these units as they usually have tension spring mounting. Not to mention, they often weigh less than five pounds.

Why You Need One

While you may be able to live without a bathroom heater fan, you still need some type of unit in there to help with humidity. When you take a shower, you create steam which leaves you with an abundance of moisture left in the air. Where exactly do you think all of that water goes? It actually has no place to go besides to be absorbed by your wood molding, cabinets, cloth shower curtains, rugs, towels, decorative items or any other absorbent material that you have in the room.

Moisture that lingers in a bathroom that has no ventilation promote the growth of mildew and mold and you should know that these are living, growing organisms. Additionally, moisture from your shower creates another serious problem with your wood in the room being that it rots it which will cause a larger home improvement project in the long run when you have to start replacing moldings, etc. Not to mention, the smell of mold as it continues to get moist and grow over time is anything but pleasant.

Whenever possible, your goal is to install an extractor fan that is manufactured by a trusted company such as Greenwood, Silavent or Xpelair that comply with all building regulations. However, if you absolutely cannot add the duct work to your bathroom, a ventless bathroom fan is your next best option.

Why You Should Seriously Consider a Ventless Bathroom Fan

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bathroom Exhaust Fans reveal

!±8± Bathroom Exhaust Fans reveal

Bathroom exhaust fans can work wonders. Not only do they help keep the air in your bathroom smelling fresh, but they also eliminate much of the moisture that is prevalent in restrooms. You know that water is the greatest enemy of a home, and this is more true in the bathroom than any other room in the house.

So what I want to do is look at some of the best options for bathroom exhaust fans that I could find online. I always start my shopping online at, so let's take a look at the highest rated exhaust fans available.

This power Star great 80-Cfm Bathroom Exhaust Fan is one of the highest customer rated fans on the Internet, and it comes at an excellent price. Today, the sake price is more than 35% off. I don't know how long this sale will last, but it just goes to show that excellent deals on bathroom exhaust fans can be found online. Be sure to shop online so that you can find the best deals anywhere.

One great advantage of this fan is that it is very, very quiet. It has an air flow of more than 80 cubic feet per minute. That means that it has the potential to circulate all of the air in a moderately sized bathroom in colse to 10 minutes. As the name indicates, it is power Star Qualified, and it is made to supply 100,000 hours of service. The grill runs a wee less than 1 foot square, and it will fit any 4" duct.

Now the customer reviews on these exhaust fans are excellent! One someone mentioned that they can take extremely hot showers and not even fog up the mirror. Just dream all of the moisture that is being eliminated. When it comes to exhaust fans (especially those in the bathroom), you positively get what you pay for. Don't determine for some rickety sounding fan that barely does its job!

But if the price on the goods above does bother you a wee bit, here is an additional one choice when it comes to bathroom exhaust fans. It is the Broan 671 Ceiling and Wall Mount Ventilation Fan. This is a bit louder than the one above, and it circulates 70 cubic feet per wee instead of 80. Nonetheless, it is still a great choice and provides excellent flexibility since it can be mounted on a ceiling or wall. It is very straightforward to install, and it comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Now some customers do talk about its noise level, but compared to the one I had previously, this one wasn't all that loud. It is not all that durable, so you don't want to plan on involving it around. But if you mount it and leave it alone, it should work fine.

Here is one last fan for you to look at. It is the Hunter 82032 110 Cbm fan. As the title says, it circulates 110 cubic feet per wee and it very, very reliable. You get a 5-year warranty with this product. This fan gets a very high rating - so far 5.0 stars on every review.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans reveal

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